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Welcome to Wickedy Splits
October 16, 2010, 11:42 am
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WICKEDY SPLITS is an independent game development studio founded in 2009 by University Grad and all round groovy guy Chris Pegg. Located in United kingdom’s Southwest, Wickedy Splits is committed to making high-quality device driven games with an emphasis on originality, attention to detail (appreciation of the finer details)  story, and fun.

Our main focus is create innovative, and stimulating games that challenge and entertain people of all ages and audiences. We place great priority on gameplay and art direction to ensure our games aren’t just beautiful and exciting but present the player, with a great experience.

In August 2010 Wickedy Splits released their first game Float onto the unsuspecting app store, created and crafted by Chris Pegg with additional background artwork supplied by Jason Clark. It was incredibly well received and still maintains a five star status. Float is currently no longer available on the app store while the Wickedy team is working on an update for this (New artwork screens on the Float page).

Wickedy Splits is currently also developing several smaller projects, a new adventure game, a survival point and click and a mystery project? (wooooooooooo…can you feel the mystery). I have to be completely honest here with regard to the games that we are working on: All of them are 100% SUPER LEGIT! We know you guys are gonna enjoy them as much as we’ve enjoyed working on them.

Don’t be a stranger, enjoy your stay and Rock on!


Wickedy Splits


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Hello! This website looks great, however I can’t help but notice your graphic in the top left hand corner seems to be cut off.

Comment by Joe Goodwin

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